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Existing Parties in the 21st Knesset

The Members of Knesset function in the Knesset within the framework of Parliamentary Groups or as individual Knesset Members. At the opening of the first session of every Knesset, the number of Groups corresponds to the number of lists that participated in the elections and were elected. In the course of the Knesset's term, Groups are liable to split or merge. Most of the work of the Knesset is conducted on a Group basis. At any given time there are 120 Knesset Members, but as a result of the resignation or death of a Member of Knesset, the number of Knesset Members who serve in each Knesset is usually greater than 120. The law and regulations define the rights and duties of Knesset members.














The following parties did not pass the threshold and didn't get any mandates: Gesher, New Right, Zehut




All the political polls in one place


Below you will find a list of the existing parties in the 21st Knesset: 


Yisrael Beitenu

The Joint List

Ha'avoda (Labor)

United Torah Judaism



Bait Yehudi


Blue and White




April 2019 elections results: